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About QPK

Our Organization

QPK was founded in the summer of 2019 by Queen’s University students Julie Z and Jiabei W. Julie’s grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease (PD) and she spent the summer caring for her grandma after suffering an injury from a freezing episode, while Jiabei’s grandfather had passed away after many years of battling this disease.


Both having witnessed the effects of PD on loved ones and their families, they wanted to get involved in the Parkinson’s community and raise awareness for PD. They aspired to foster and support environments where others affected by this disease are able to support each other and fight this battle together. With the help of their friends, today QPK is associated with the Parkinson Canada Kington chapter where they fundraise, volunteer and help relieve the burden of facing the disease alone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a welcoming and supportive environment for the Parkinson's community while providing up-to-date information and news regarding Parkinson’s Disease (PD). We are mainly focused on fundraising, supporting more accessible exercise classes for those affected by PD, and educating others on PD and related care. We also strive to share current research and new discoveries regarding PD. 


We hope that with our club, we will be able to bring greater communal awareness to PD and in turn enhance the lives of those affected by PD

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